What is a house concert anyway?

House concerts are new to a lot of people, so we thought we’d give you some insight into what you’re getting into when you join us at The Jive Mill.

Photo via Elizabeth Nida Obert, Post-Bulletin, Rochester, MN

Give me the basics.

House concerts are casual, small concerts hosted in living rooms, backyards, or similar space. With space limitations, the crowds are smaller, but with a high ‘in person’ experience.

We’re always thinking music first.

When we put together a house concert, we’re looking primarily for local and regional artists who are looking to share their craft. A lot of musicians end up playing the bars, coffee shops, or restaurants as background music, and they would like a place to really share their work.

Hosting is easy!

We don’t always host The Jive Mill at our house. We generally find friends or acquaintances who will open up their home. Often these people have a connection with the artist they host, but almost as often they’ve simply enjoyed a previous show and trust us to bring quality art. We handle basic refreshments, seating, and financial details so that the event is simple for the host and high quality for the artist.

An intimate experience.

For us, the goal of a house concert is the intimate experience between the artist and the audience. With only about 20-30 people in a room you’re able to really give and receive feedback. You’re not just listening to a musician, you’re creating an experience alongside the musician – and we think that helps everyone experience the music just a little deeper.

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