Purple Rain [On the death of Prince]

We, as The Jive Mill, have been lucky to be a part of the Minnesota music culture for the last few years. We’re relatively new around here, but it’s an incredible place for music – it doesn’t take long to learn that.
Prince was, in many ways, an example of what makes Minnesota music great. He actively influenced our corner of the world beyond his music. He was a part of Minneapolis, a part of Minnesota. Around here, “Everyone has a Prince story.” The music world lost an icon with the death of Prince, and our home lost a friend.
We saw that more clearly than ever when everything went purple.

Purple rain falling over Target Field, via the Minnesota Twins

And man, did people dance and sing!

Thousands surround First Avenue as the Prince Party continues through the night on April 21, 2016. (pic: Ben Garvin, KARE 11)

[See the ‘Purple Rain’ sing-along, courtesy 89.3 The Current]
But one thing is for sure – his music, and his influence on the state of music here in Minnesota, will live on.
For us, the best way to honor is to keep on making music, sharing music, and providing a place for others to share that music too. With maybe a dance party or two along the way.
– The Jive Mill