Our Next Chapter

In June, The Jive Mill started a new chapter.
For many of you, this was the first time you were introduced to The Jive Mill, but our roots were planted over the last four years in house shows professionally hosted by and for our community.
Ultimately, we wanted to see if Rochester shared our wish for a music-first venue.
We moved into 212 N Broadway and were open for our first show within a week. Our goal was to provide a space that held true to our house concert roots and the feel of a living room in venue form.
From the beginning we used the opportunity of a short term lease, spanning the summer, to open a test venue of The Jive Mill’s mission. At the end of the summer, we extended our initial 4 month lease which allowed us more time to assess and refine our endeavor and continue our test venue.
With this in mind, RavensFire on Dec 30th will serve as the conclusion to our test venue. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Now is our chance to take the lessons we have learned and put them toward our next chapter at a new address.
We are excited to be welcomed back into your homes as we move from 212 N Broadway and search for our permanent home in Rochester.